Sunday, May 10, 2009

mari beramai-ramai tukar celcom postpaid plan!

Sehari sebelum final start.

My celcom kena bar, AGAIN.

Geram geram geram.

But then again, ok jugak timing tu.

Terima kasih ye celcom.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Donald Trump

Yesterday I dozed off at around 7 am, after having a super nice glass of iced white coffee at ameeth.Boy that thing always keeps me wide awake, kalau nak describe macam nak main tennis pun boleh. Anyhow, the point issss i've been having a string of weird weird dreams lately, yang tak make sense lansung. And i did basuh kaki before i jump on my bed, so that should mean something no?

The most recent one goes like this,

I was a close buddy of Donald Trump. Yes si tua kaya yang berbini hot itu. I can't remember if im some kind of his gundik or just a really close friend. So we were checking in to this supposedly the nicest hotel suite in New York, and a third person asked him 'What are you gonna do at the suite?' and he was like 'buat apa lagi.hehehe' *sambil angkat2 kening blonde dia and looking at me* . And yes, he replied in Malay to the person.hahah. If thats not weird enough, he asked me whether i need anything. I asked for a car.Yang takbest nye, he bought a horse for me instead. Kuda wei! kat Malaysia nak tunggang kuda pegi office ke, klcc ke?

Oh, nak tayang gambar resume yang bajet apprentice.hehe.

Come to think about it, maybe its because I've been thinking about money much lately.

I was hoping for a better interpretation of it though.heee.