Sunday, September 20, 2009

going green

I just have to blog about it.have to have to.

U see, today is hari raya pertama. The day u see ur cousins, aunties and what nots. My friends are well aware that I hang out with a few of my cousins sometimes, and we do HANG well.hehe ; )

So i bumped into A, he was wearing green this morning, then i was like "heyy sama colour".Then later in the afternoon, I bumped in B, another close close cousin, and she was wearing green jugak. and so i told B, "hey tadi A pun pakai green jugak.."..she stared me in the deepest look which leads to mutual understanding of a fact she's trying to deliver... she was definately thinking "he he he.maknanya kita ada common interest terhadap sesuatu hijau yang serupa ke?"

ohh and selamat hari raya!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mari beramai-ramai tukar celcom postpaid plan!

Sehari sebelum final start.

My celcom kena bar, AGAIN.

Geram geram geram.

But then again, ok jugak timing tu.

Terima kasih ye celcom.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Donald Trump

Yesterday I dozed off at around 7 am, after having a super nice glass of iced white coffee at ameeth.Boy that thing always keeps me wide awake, kalau nak describe macam nak main tennis pun boleh. Anyhow, the point issss i've been having a string of weird weird dreams lately, yang tak make sense lansung. And i did basuh kaki before i jump on my bed, so that should mean something no?

The most recent one goes like this,

I was a close buddy of Donald Trump. Yes si tua kaya yang berbini hot itu. I can't remember if im some kind of his gundik or just a really close friend. So we were checking in to this supposedly the nicest hotel suite in New York, and a third person asked him 'What are you gonna do at the suite?' and he was like 'buat apa lagi.hehehe' *sambil angkat2 kening blonde dia and looking at me* . And yes, he replied in Malay to the person.hahah. If thats not weird enough, he asked me whether i need anything. I asked for a car.Yang takbest nye, he bought a horse for me instead. Kuda wei! kat Malaysia nak tunggang kuda pegi office ke, klcc ke?

Oh, nak tayang gambar resume yang bajet apprentice.hehe.

Come to think about it, maybe its because I've been thinking about money much lately.

I was hoping for a better interpretation of it though.heee.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Siapa Betul?

Why do people quarrel in the 1st place?

- It's because they think that what they are standing for is right, the universal acceptance of the term 'Right'.

- That their mind processes the subject of quarrel as it is perceived as correct, reflecting on how they were brought up and the people around them which influence how they think.

- That they are selfish, fighting for what's best and most beneficial for them.

- That they never try to put their selves in other people's shoes. (being selfish la jugak)

- That when a misunderstanding occur, they did not try to cure it in the early stages, letting it go waaaay beyond what they should be talking about and in the end, it is all pointless.

- Dendam.

- Jealousy.

- Or simply, they are thinking childishly that it doesn't even matter what they are fighting about. Because even they themselves don't know what they are fighting for, it's just for the sake of well......................fighting.(ini yang paling stupid).

All i'm trying to say is, I have experienced encountering a fight with people with these reasons to fight. And i'm still learning how to handle it.

Not to lie, I also have been the one who had these thoughts whenever i get into a fight.

So it's normal I assume?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Makin Lama...

Makin seronok lepak dengan orang yang best.

Makin gemuk kalau kita makan banyak sangat.

Makin malas nak pegi class bila kita dah selalu sangat tak pegi.

Makin gelap bila kita asyik berjemur je tiap2 hari.

Makin miskin kalau kita guna duit tak mengikut kemampuan time tu.

Makin sedih kalau kita baru je sedar, i'll miss this moment while i'm here.

p/s: Jom pegi fishing and main layang-layang! =D

Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Louby-Louby

By far, the longest birthday celebration i have attended ever.
Thats was Loub's 22nd year.
Took 2 days, went to more than 4 places to celebrate.
Great great fun & laughter with great people all along.

After a great surprise at Zouk, off to PD!

Dear cousin , happy birthday! you are now a year wiser, hotter and sexier!
Love ya!

p/s: i'm gonna miss all of them when i balik UTP. urghh.
(takda org nak buat lawak kangkung lagi)