Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You are never to slim for this!

I was gonna sleep before I came across this video Senn took from MBM Family Day back in June 08.

I was invited by Low Wan Fung (the one in the red cawat) to be his opponent.Nak tunjuk hebat depan our colleagues la guy still. i'm in the blue cawat anyway, looking all short and fat.Because of that, i didn't manage to wear all of the required parts of the costume, like the hand bandage sort of thing(don't know what they call it).

Funny times.The squeaky laughing sound came from my dear Senn.

Oh yes, I met Alip, Afdzal, Ciko, Hadi, Hadi Mok & Tasha at KLCC just now for lunch.

Tomorrow will be another long day of sightseeing with a friend from Singapore which have always been surprised how we can simply throw rubbish everywhere here.

Now if you excuse me, I've got some unsettled business on my bed. Expect it to be finished earliest by 12.00 pm tomorrow.

For those yang bekerja esok, this is your public service announcement : Sila pergi kerja, u know who you are.hihi.

Gute Nacht!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eh, I'm 21 already lah!

Effective 3rd December 2008, 12.00 a.m ,

Darn it, my ING Insurance Card is not valid anymore.
So as my Malaysian Airlines super-duper discounted flight rates.



Tak perlu pinjam IC Loubna lagi for malam-malam suka ria.
Officially an adult and legally able to decide on anything affecting my life myself.

err.apa lagi eh..

tu je ke advantage?

anyway, 21st year of my life celebrated differently from last year's.

This is how the eve of my 19th year went.

(Kena campak dalam swimming pool lepas dress up lawa2 2 tahun berturut)

But, tradition every year of makan kat Murni SS2 is still on.

After dinner, Loub decide on partying at Zouk.
Attendees : Amirul, Faiz, Loubna, Iman, Yaya, Mamal, Nad (tinggi), Paiseh, Noin.
Zouk mlm Selasa mcm tempat hip-hop dancers tunjuk skill dance yang ntah pape.
Nasib baik its my birthday, layankan je la.

Me, Mamal and Faiz yg tengah sengih kat siapa ntah

Within the 21st year of mylife, saya berharap-harap nak achieve/lakukan these things:

1) Obtain Bachelor's Degree in Business Information System by mid 2009.
2) Travel around ( at least 2 pulau and a country in another continent)
3) Buy a car
4) Sing at any gig (Musicfest/Wuhoo/Euphonious pun jadilah) with a band before i Graduate.

Thats all i can think of so far.Gila tak ber-vision.

Post on Penang Jazz Fest coming soon!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bijou Bazaar

When Noin first contacted me asking whether im interested to join her opening up a booth at bijou, i immediately agreed thinking on those extra old-not-needed clothes i have to let go. You know, a girl always need to clear up some space in her closet for new ones to come =)

And so the day arrives, we were pretty late as we only arrived at about 3pm to Solaris Mont Kiara while the event supposedly starts at 2pm.Appearing like bimbos , we look all clueless when arranging our sale items and constantly changing the positions of the goods to make it appear more 'purchase-able'.Even when assembling the rails for clothes display, there was a point when it fell baik ada this nice couple (part of the Bijou committee i suppose) that help us out. Maaflah, first timer.

The Booth(Excuse sepah2 kat bawah tu)

Our booth attractions are :

1) Adreen's Cupcakes & Soft Cookies (Sgt Sedap!)
2) Noin's Bed-Pod
3) Noin's Aunty Crafts
4) Noin's, Mas' and Nad's Pre-Loved Items (handbags, dresses, pants, tops, accessories etc)

Partners (plus Adreen)

The sales for Saturday was pretty impressive, each of us managed to gain profit within a few hours of selling.We were damn lazy to promote our stuff and loitered around bazaar all the time instead of taking care of our booth. Budak2 baru nak berniaga la katakan.

Orang2 yang lari sikit dari priority.haha.(says The Book of Answers)

Resistant to close down the booth, so snap snap.

Some friends showed up have made the day seem less tiring for us as we were laughing about stupid stuff and bahan-bahan some people.Thanks Anum, Dharma,Ain, Kajen, Maria, Erney, Ina, Nawal, Wina and ramai lagi of those whom i can't recall their names.Some of them who stayed till the end :Tasha, Dzul, Ikram,Ween, Ah-Cai, Zahid, Enzo & Friends, extra thanks to you guys.

Couples who stayed till the end (Tash, Zul, Mas & Acai)

So if you ask, will i do it again? Berniaga di Bijou?Definately, selling & putting stuff into plastic bags & getting cash out of it. Yes, penat, but it s worth it for the fun & experience we've got.

For sunday bijou session happenings, please refer to Noin's Post on it.