Sunday, April 26, 2009

Siapa Betul?

Why do people quarrel in the 1st place?

- It's because they think that what they are standing for is right, the universal acceptance of the term 'Right'.

- That their mind processes the subject of quarrel as it is perceived as correct, reflecting on how they were brought up and the people around them which influence how they think.

- That they are selfish, fighting for what's best and most beneficial for them.

- That they never try to put their selves in other people's shoes. (being selfish la jugak)

- That when a misunderstanding occur, they did not try to cure it in the early stages, letting it go waaaay beyond what they should be talking about and in the end, it is all pointless.

- Dendam.

- Jealousy.

- Or simply, they are thinking childishly that it doesn't even matter what they are fighting about. Because even they themselves don't know what they are fighting for, it's just for the sake of well......................fighting.(ini yang paling stupid).

All i'm trying to say is, I have experienced encountering a fight with people with these reasons to fight. And i'm still learning how to handle it.

Not to lie, I also have been the one who had these thoughts whenever i get into a fight.

So it's normal I assume?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Makin Lama...

Makin seronok lepak dengan orang yang best.

Makin gemuk kalau kita makan banyak sangat.

Makin malas nak pegi class bila kita dah selalu sangat tak pegi.

Makin gelap bila kita asyik berjemur je tiap2 hari.

Makin miskin kalau kita guna duit tak mengikut kemampuan time tu.

Makin sedih kalau kita baru je sedar, i'll miss this moment while i'm here.

p/s: Jom pegi fishing and main layang-layang! =D