Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Simple Things Made Me Realize About Things

Read This : Have you ever feel so joyful with no worries absolutely in a moment, and YOU think there are no way possible that can make you down and only then realize some things are missing?

Well, I have.Fair to say a few times.

I will now randomly choose some words came up in my head, and explain how it relates to my 'realize' moments.


Fact : I haven't gone cheap apparel hunting for as long as i know as i am busy following my friends doing other activities.

Truth : I miss doing that , and I can't seem to enjoy doing it with different set of people.


Fact : I have been eating chicken AGAIN as suddenly i find it tasty.

Truth : Im too lazy to walk a bit further to find nice food with NO chicken in it.And yes, I have to admit nasi ayam rempah v5 sedap!


Fact : A few weeks ago I can be considered as one of the karaoke junkies, as we went for at least 3 times a week.And i stopped because at some point i dont find it entertaining anymore.

Truth : I simply stopped because i dont find it worth it with how i feel after each session.


Fact : I think its hard for me now having no car at the moment, as its because i always need to borrow my friend's car to go anywhere.

Truth : I think when dont have a car, I always need to follow people's choice of food, places to go, time to leave/return and such. and at some point i feel weird if i dont have a car, as when i use to have one (and i'm the ONLY one with it) , my car has been the public transportation of the year, with a few identifiable owner is being seen.(this reminds me of Wet Girls seating at the boot while me driving and at the same time running away from pak guard trying to chase us, ahhh.memories. )


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